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Week Four | ENGL 1102

In class on Monday, we’ll take a quiz, complete a Phase One activity, and have a final wrap-up conversation about correct CRA submission guidelines. If your submission from last week needs revision, complete that before 8pm tonight, as I’ll be assigning grades around noon tomorrow.

Our Phase One activity will lead into a larger discussion about themes (overarching ideas that guide all of your assignments) and topics (a focus for a specific assignment).

Our class reading for this week is actually not a “reading” but a “listening.” Listen to the Invisibilia podcast’s episode titled “The Culture Inside.” Take careful notes, as you’ll need to use direct quotes in your CRA submissions. Please sign-up for that work today.

On Wednesday in class we’ll be looking closely at the Anderson CRA analysis posts to talk about ideas (Phase One) and organization (Phase Two). We’ll also begin a discussion about the idea of “rhetoric” as a discipline including: rhetorical appeals, the tension between objectivity and subjectivity, and the need to approach all sources skeptically and critically.

By Wednesday, we may get to discussion of Phase Two, and I may be assigning a Phase Two activity. More on that later. (Update: We’ll wait to talk about Phase Two until next week.)

Next week we’ll spend most of our time on a thorough walking through of the four major assignments in this class.


We’ll begin Wednesday’s class by looking closely at analysis posts. Please review my “Feedback on Analysis Posts” at the start of class. We’ll be using this to frame a discussion about how to “do” analysis work for the remainder of the semester.

For next week, complete sections III and IV of Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers. As before, you can skip anything marked as an activity. We’ll take another quiz on that reading at the start of Monday’s class.

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