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Week Five | ENGL 3150

In class on Monday, we talked through our CRA work on the Active Minds organization. At the end of class, I asked people to come to class with sources that allow us to go beyond an investigation of its site to study Active Minds. Essentially, we’re conducting analysis on Active Minds as an organization and the rhetoric around what they do (content), how they do it (design), who they do it with/to/for (network), and why they do it (capital/authenticity).

Today we’ll talk through what you’ve found in order to start building a way to further analyze their work.

We’ll also start talking about the one drop ripple effect that an event can have on a network (or to create a network).

Finally, I’ll assign your first (of four) book review blog post (due Wednesday, 9/25), and we’ll began planning for your first major assignment — a collaborative, annotated bibliography of activist networks.

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