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Week Four | ENGL 3150

On Monday we’ll be reviewing your first draft blog posts related to the book review project. We’ll talk about ideas, structure, tone, and mechanics. We’ll also attend closely to “ethical image selection” — the standards that will impact your blog post design. See my blog post on that here.

We’ll also dig deeply into protocol for CRAs by looking at examples from our first three. Someone in class will take notes as I give feedback, and I’ll expect that all CRAs are revised to standards by our class on Wednesday.

Please read another selection from Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody: pages 39-54. Please read this before class on Wednesday. We’ll have a brief assessment and discussion on this section on Wednesday in class.


After that, we’ll start digging into the activist network examples posted by the class over the last two weeks. We’ll discuss ways to assess these networks in a couple of ways:

  • the “spectrum” of activism (see earlier post here)
  • design rhetoric
  • content rhetoric
  • engagement
  • vertical and lateral information analysis (see this page here from Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers)
  • hybridity between digital and physical environments
  • any other field that interests you and can be clearly identified

For our CRA subject, the class has chosen the Active Minds network (begin with: In your “reading” of the network, don’t contain yourself with just the website — look for other places that the org is using the web and for other orgs/platforms/media outlets that are discussing their work. Signup messages for the four CRA tasks have been posted to Slack (brainstormers/researchers due Thursday, 9/12; analysts due Friday, 9/13; and presenters due Sunday, 9/15).

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