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Week Three | ENGL 3150

In class on Wednesday:

We’ll have a brief discussion over the readings/viewing, but we’ll save a deeper dive conversation about CRAs and how they work best for next Monday.

We’ll review my post on “Criteria for ‘digital activism'” to debate its principles and suggest revisions.

We’ll do a quick show and tell on the activist networks that you’ve brought to class and apply the above criteria to them.

I’ll introduce the book review assignment and PLN (professional learning network) activity. See my post on book review options here and get started acquiring your text by Wednesday of next week.

Compose your first blog post on the book that you’ve chosen and involve research that you’ve done in making your choice. Follow these guidelines in all blog posts this semester: 1) name/title/link on first reference of a source; 2) ethically chosen/linked image; 3) use of direct quotes; and 4) mechanically sound and efficient language. Drop the link to the post as a reply to my “Week Three” message in Slack.

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