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ENGL 1102 | Week Five

We won’t have a CRA this week in order for to focus more on topic/thesis selection for the major assignments.

All Image Argument and Collaborative Bibliography due dates for this week have been moved to next week (though you can turn Image Arguments in early if you’d like).

Please join the #imageargument and #collabbib channels that I’ve created on Slack. That’s where your final work should be submitted.

Everyone in the Week Five and Week Six Collaborative Bibliography groups have been moved to Week Six. I’ve invited all of those students to a private channel where you will collaborate and complete your work. Please check that channel today, as your bibliography assignment has three due dates between now and next Friday.

In place of a CRA this week, here is what I’d like for you to complete as part of our hybrid class activity.

Draft topic/thesis proposal: Compose a document that includes three sections: 1) a list of 10 sources (only need author, title, date, and link — MLA not necessary at this step), half of which being “academic”, that you’re reading to help you choose your topic and thesis for the image argument and blog cycle assignments; 2) a list of three possible topics that you might use for these two assignments (a general description of an idea); and 3) a list of three possible thesis statements that you might use for these two assignments (challenging yourself to use proper nouns as much as possible). Post this draft proposal as a reply to the appropriate message in the #writingphases channel by Monday, 9/20.

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