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Week Four | ENGL 1102

Our “reading” for this week is the documentary film 13th directed by Ava DuVernay. You can access it on Netflix, but you may be able to find it other places as well. We will not be completing a CRA on the film this week; however, we will discuss it in next week’s class session, and it may be useful for the development of some of your major assignments.

With respect to our first 3 CRAs, I’ll be posting grades on those over the next two days (2/2 and 2/3). As I’ve explained before, CRA1 will receiving full credit (5/5 points) for having been submitted, but I’m being more strict with assigning credit for CRA2 and CRA3. On our Week Two class session, attendees took notes on expectations for each of the CRA jobs (you can find these notes as threads in the #importantlinks channel). If you submitted work for CRA2 or CRA3 and do not receive full credit in D2L where I will be posting grades, please refer to the CRA assignment description and those threads to figure out what your response was missing. If, after consulting both of those resources, you still are not sure how the response was lacking, reach out to me via DM, and we can discuss.

Phased Writing Process
This week I’m introducing a specific writing process to use for the upcoming major assignments. Because many of us have anxieties about writing and start working on a project late in an attempt to avoid that anxiety, this process will help with composing the blog cycle and image argument assignments in the most thorough, organized, and well-researched way. It will also guide you through choosing what the best topic is for you to use when beginning work on these assignments. I call this process Phased Writing.

Read my posts on Phase One, Phase Two writing (we will cover Phase Three later in the semester). Start doing research, collecting sources, and beginning the Phase One process on either one of your blog cycle posts or your image argument (whichever one you have due first). By the start of next week you should have a 1000 word text that follows the guidelines for Phase One; we’ll have an activity that will be part of next week’s class that will involve that draft.

Web Literacy Quiz
We’ll take our second quiz on Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers (sections III and IV — but you can omit the subsections that are “activities”) next at 8am and 9:30am next Tuesday (2/9). Please have Slack opened and be ready to take the quiz at the appropriate class time.

I will be posting a video later this week that explains the Phased Writing process and offers some other advice. Look for my announcement of the video on Slack and reply that you have watched it by Friday.

Task List for This Week

  • Check your previous CRA work for possible improvement
  • Watch 13th (link above)
  • Read Phase One and Phase Two blog posts (links above)
  • Complete a Phase One document (1000 words) on one of your major assignments
  • Watch the video I post on Slack later this week (reply by Friday)
  • Be ready for the second quiz on Web Literacy next Tuesday.

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