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ENGL 1102 Week Four

Our reading this week, for CRA4, is:

“Changing Media Landscape: Does it serve the public interest and democracy” by Reed Karaim, CQ Press, 2024: You only need to read the sections marked Introduction, Overview, Current Situation, and Short Features.

Sign up for your CRA3 task for CRA3 by the end of the day Tuesday (6/18).


We’ll discuss:

  • Takeaways from your Phase Two activity (rhetorical structures, sources, argument, and blog post titles)
  • The major assignments and the first set of deadlines (July 2 and July 9)
  • Research clearance activity and self assessment
  • Optional office hours


We’ll discuss:

  • The CQ reading above (brainstormers, researchers, and in-class participants: make sure that you’ve completed your work).
  • Collaborative Annotated Bibliography documents and due dates.
  • Optional office hours

Read my blog post on Phase Three, complete the activity it describes (here’s a template for that), and bring that completed activity to class on Tuesday, June 25.

Announcement: We will not be meeting for our Thursday class next week (June 27) or the week after (July 4).

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