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ENGL 1102 | Week Nine

Our CRA for this week (CRA6) is David Montgomery’s article in The Washington Post Magazine, “The Anti-Racist Revelations of Ibram X. Kendi.” Please sign up for your job today; I’ve put signups in the appropriate Slack channels.

Today in class we will discuss some of the following things:

  • making an appointment (for drafting/revising) at the writing center
  • making an appointment (for research) at the library
  • the appropriate structure for blog cycle assignments (see this example)
  • some CRA reminders (ideas/arguments v. responses; academic sources; standalone posts for analysis work; waiting until the day your work is due)

We will also have focused discussion on Phase Three writing (refresh your memory here). Please complete a Phase Three document (per our discussion in class) by Friday, Oct. 22 and submit it to the #writingphases channel. I’ll include a reminder in next week’s post as well.

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