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ENGL 1102 | Week Two

This post serves as a reminder of what we covered in our first week of class and provides some new material for you this week.

In class last week, we covered the syllabus, getting registered into Slack, some Slack protocols, and the textbook I’ve asked everyone to read for next week. We’ll be having a quiz on the book at the start of class this week. Here’s that textbook assignment again so that it’s quickly accessible:

Additionally, please read the following things before class this week.

  • Blog post on Class Reading Activities (CRAs); we’ll be using this activity most weeks as our hybrid class.
  • Jesmyn Ward’s essay “Cracking the Code”; this will serve as our first CRA reading. We’ll be doing a quick workshop in class on how to best compose CRA responses. Feel free to come to class with ideas on which task you’d like to work on with respect to this reading.
  • Assignment guidelines for the three major assignments; you’ll be able to sign up for your personal due dates on these assignments during class next week (on Tuesday or Thursday).

I want to remind everyone about an important component of the syllabus: the late work policy. I don’t accept late work. We talked about this more in Thursday’s class than on Tuesday, but it’s critical for everyone to understand that after you sign up for your major assignment due dates this week, you must meet those deadlines (without reminders from me) unless you renegotiate your due date 48 hours or more before the due date. It’s important that you understand the scope of the assignments and choose deadlines that match with your other commitments for the semester.

So, come to class next week prepared for a quiz, having carefully read the sources above, and ready to choose your due dates for the major assignments. Feel free to send messages to me via Slack DM or email, but if you think others would benefit from the answer too, post it in the #help channel.

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