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ENGL 1102 | Week Seven

I’ve been dealing with a family medical issue related to COVID-19 this week. See more about that in the video I’ve referenced below, and be sure to watch it to hear my cautionary tale.

Our final CRA (CRA6) begins this week with the “How the White Press Wrote Off Black America” by Brent Staples in yesterday’s New York Times. In order not to rush your completion of that work, due dates for that activity will be next week on Wednesday (7/21), Thursday (7/22), and Friday (7/23). Researchers and brainstormers can get their work completed on it early, but analysts and curators will need to wait until their due dates next week. Signup posts for those tasks are on Slack now; the sooner your grab your job for CRA7, the more of a choice you’ll have.

Image Argument, grades and feedback
I’ve uploaded grades and feedback into D2L for all image argument assignments that have been submitted. Today begins the 10-day revision window for those students (see details about the revision process below); those image argument revisions should be submitted by Friday, July 23.

Blog Cycle, grades and feedback
Grades and feedback for all blog cycle assignments will be uploaded to D2L by the end of today. When, that’s complete, I will announce on Slack that the 10-day revision window for those assignments has started.

Collaborative Annotated Bibliography groups
I’m going to reset the due date for the remaining bibliography groups to next Wednesday (7/21). I’ve opened the document for your group to use (along with directions and due dates) and invited groups members into private channels on Slack to start their work. Having the revised due date means that every group will have a week to complete its work. Be sure to log into that private channel on Slack today, open the document, and make note of the due dates: one for citations, a second for annotations, and a final due date proofreading and submission. Contact me if you have any questions,

Today’s video lecture
I will publish a lecture with some guidance for anyone working on image argument revisions for the next week. Please watch it today or tomorrow and let me know that you’ve seen it in the #classmeetings channel on Slack; when the video is ready, I’ll announce it in the #general channel.

If you’re working on revisions, be sure to read the post I’ve put up on submitting revised assignments. Students who have major assignment due dates next week (7/19 and 7/21) will have a shorter revision window. Those revisions will be due by the last day of class, Monday, 7/26.

Extra credit
By Monday, I’ll be announcing an extra credit assignment that you can complete next week. You will have the opportunity to submit up to two extra credit activities, and each of those will replace one of your lowest process grades (CRAs, quiz, etc.).

Virtual class this week and next
I’ll be available for video or phone calls tomorrow (7/14) during our regular class time, but I won’t be holding virtual class. I’ll hold virtual class next Monday (7/19) for those who are registered. Next Wednesday’s class will just be office hours like this week (no virtual class), so students registered for that day will not have to attend the virtual class.

Last day of class
Our final class day, Monday, July 26, is mandatory for everyone to attend (as explained at the start of the semester). During that class period I will describe the process for completing your reflective portfolio and you’ll have time to work on it (it will take you about 30-45 mins). We do not have a final exam for this class, so after 7/26, your work for the course will be complete.

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