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ENGL 1102 | Week Seven

Our reading this week if Emily Raboteau’s essay “Educating People About Their Rights, One Mural At a Time” (CRA5). I’ve posted CRA signup messages in Slack.

If you’re in Collaborative Bib Group #2 or #3, please check Slack for the private channel I’ve opened for your work. Your projects have due dates this week and the final is due next Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Please join the newly created #blogcycle channel so that you have a place to see others’ work and submit your own when it’s time. Our first blog cycle due dates are tonight.

In class this week, we will discuss Phase Two of the phased writing process. Submit a Phase Two version of either 1) the script of your Image Argument or 2) one of your Blog Cycle posts under the appropriate message in the #writingphases channel by Monday, Oct. 4.

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