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ENGL 1102 | Week Six

Our reading for this week (CRA4) is Teju Cole’s essay “It is close to impossible to get other people’s culture right. Should we even try?” in The New York Times Magazine. I’ve opened up signup messages in Slack. Since this is our fourth CRA, you should make sure you are doing the one job that you have not completed yet. Due dates are standard: brainstormers/researchers due tomorrow (9/22), analysts due Thursday (9/23), and curators due Friday (9/24).

We’ll spend most of this week’s class workshopping thesis statements for Image Arguments and Blog Cycle assignments.

If you’re in the Collaborative Bibliography group that’s due next week, look for a private channel I’ll be opening up for you in Slack tomorrow. I’ll extend your due dates so that you have a full week to complete the assignment: from tomorrow until next Wednesday.

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