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ENGL 1102 | Week Three

In class this week, we will discuss:

  • Last week’s reading “Cracking the Code” by Jesmyn Ward
  • Our participation in CRA1
  • Some beginning concepts of rhetoric and how they relate to research
  • A brief note about finding sources in the KSU library database

Our reading this week is the op-ed essay “Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress” by Carol Anderson (CRA2). I’ve posted CRA sign up messages in Slack, so please sign up for your task this week by the end of today; due dates are Wednesday (brainstormers and researchers), Thursday (analysts), and Friday (curators). Be sure NOT to complete the same task that you completed last week.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting an analysis on the work of CRA1 that will entail comments on individual submissions in Slack and a blog post giving everyone some reminders and more guidance on how to complete each job thoroughly and successfully. Please make sure that you a) attend closely to that blog post (the link will be published in Slack) before you submit work for CRA2) and b) check to make edits on your CRA1 work if I’ve left comments there. Any CRA1 submission that needs revision will require you to edit the post and let me know that you have by Friday for a revised grade. Starting with CRA2, there will be no edit/regrade options. The first time everyone completes a CRA, it’s messy and there’s a learning curve. However, after the first one, I expect that everyone has attended closely to the guidelines for all four tasks, and that subsequent CRAs will be completed efficiently and thoroughly.

If you have not signed up for your Major Assignment due dates, please make sure that you’ve finished that by the end of today.

As you start to think about the Major Assignments, I’d like you to consider topics and a potential argument that you’d like to make. We’ll begin talking about writing process and potential topics next week.

Finally, we’ll be hearing from the Writing Center in a presentation over the next week or two. The university has instituted a new policy that requires every 1102 student to visit the writing center at least once during the semester. More on that next week.

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