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ENGL 1102 Week Three


Readings for the week:

This week’s CRA (CRA2) is the last of those sources, “The Inside Story of How Silicon Valley Rewired Our Brains”. Sign up for your CRA task by the end of today (6/11). Due dates are this Wednesday (6/12), Thursday (6/13), or Friday (6/14), depending on your task.

Class discussion: is your bill (or topic) good enough for a lasting relationship? Consider sources, Pecha Kucha images, and blog post divisions.

Between Tuesday and Thursday: Phase One Activity #2 on your Pecha Kucha script or your first blog post.


What do I need to know about my bill?
Is my topic viable?

Class discussion: rhetoric (history, appeals, structure); research (search terms and social media)

Phase One, Activity #2, due Thursday, 6/13.

Phase Two Activity #1 on your Pecha Kucha script or your first blog post (1000 new words), due Monday, 6/17.

  • Your Phase Two should identify the overall argument of the project and prospective titles of the four blog posts before the draft begins.
  • Your Phase Two should identify your argument in concrete and well contextualized terms in the first paragraph.

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