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ENGL1102 | Week Five

Our CRA reading for this week is “Getting Others Right” by Teju Cole (CRA5). I’ve put signup messages in Slack for you to claim your task for this activity. Due dates return to our normal pattern this week: brainstormers/researchers on Wednesday, analysts on Thursday, curators on Friday.

In class today, I’ll describe my expectations for the Phase Two document due today, which should look like a rough draft of either the script of your image argument or one of your blog posts in the blog cycle assignment. Please submit that document to the #phasedwritingdrafts channel in Slack by the end of the day. It should be around 1000 words (maybe shorter for the image argument script), and should not be a copy/paste/revision of your Phase One. Remember from my blog post a couple of weeks ago, in Phase Two of this process, you begin with a new document and build it from scratch.

Finally we will discuss Phase Three today. You’ll have a Phase Three document due next Monday. Here’s the link, as a reminder, to my post on Phase Three. Be sure to watch the recording of today’s class so that you’re prepared to start working on Phase Three this week.

If you’re one of the students who have the collaborative annotated bibliography project due next week, I’ll be opening the document today for you to complete your work between now and then. Look for a private channel that I’ll be inviting you to in Slack for you to communicate with each other. The bibliography assignment has several due dates to meet, so be attentive to those (outlined in the document that I’ll be sharing with you) so that you complete your citations, annotations, and final revision in time for the assignment due date.

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