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Extra Credit

For an extra credit assignment beginning today through Monday, watch the documentary film 13th on Netflix. Choose one of the subjects interviewed for the film, locate and read a source written by that person, complete a CRA/Research-style post for that source, and submit it to the channel called #extracredit. You can do this for up to two sources before Monday, July 26, and each submission will replace your lowest Process category grade with a 5/5. Be careful not to be redundant; check to make sure that no one has already used your source before you start your work. All extra credit submissions for this activity must be on sources authored by experts in the film or on sources mentioned/cited in the film.

Due date: Monday, July 26

Follow the same guidelines as regular research post. Be sure to include the hashtag #extracredit somewhere in your post; if you don’t, I won’t see your submission.

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