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Major Assignments

Brief descriptions of your three major assignments for the semester are below, but a more thorough assignment sheet that describes each assignment in full can be found here (be sure to follow that as your guide when you’re composing).

The Blog Cycle is a collection of four blog posts (plus one introduction post) that reflect your research and and thinking on four distinct but related concrete topics and follow the assignment criteria. Posts should be 800-1000 words apiece. Each post should be citing from 3-5 sources. Use hyperlinks from the title of a source on its first mention in order to cite the source, like this:

In “What Unity,” an opinion essay inĀ The New York Times, Charles Blow argues that “equality in America has a history of being divisive.”

The Image Argument is a 5-7 minute presentation making a specific argument with concrete specific photographs from the web as a visual backdrop. It is submitted as a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video that includes images and audio of your presentation. It serves as a proposal for the concept of your blog cycle.

The Collaborative Annotated Bibliography is a group-compiled annotated bibliography to which each member contributes 5 sources and completes annotations on 5 of their peers’ sources.

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