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Week Five | ENGL 1102

The first major assignments are coming in next week!


Your “reading” this week is actually a podcast episode, so it’s more of a “listening”. Please listen to “The Culture Inside” by Invisibilia for this week’s CRA (CRA4). I have posted CRA signup posts in Slack, so signup for your job by the end of the day today. Since this is our fourth CRA, you should be signing up only for the job that you haven’t completed so far in any of the CRAs.

Some of our CRA work needs to be tightened up a bit. For example, brainstormers need to submit three total messages, but each of those messages should only be 1-3 sentences; that requirement isn’t an attempt to keep your thoughts simple, but as a revision strategy to make your language as efficient and clear as possible. As another example, analysis should be sure to narrow in on a specific component of the text for analysis and avoid providing a summary or review of it’s theme.

Major Assignments and Phase Three

Today, I’ll be giving an overview of the blog cycle assignment and rhetorical analysis essay and discussing the readings we’ve looked at so far in the course. I’ll remind everyone about submitting on time, the opportunity to revise, and the importance of concrete thesis statements.

I’ll also be introducing the idea of Phase Three today. This week, read my post on Phase Three and complete the Phase Three document that the post describes. Please submit your Phase Three document in the #phasedwriting channel on Slack by Friday.

Quiz on Wednesday

I’ve assigned sections I-IV of the online textbook Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. We’ll have a quiz during our class time on Wednesday (9:05-9:55). At the beginning of the class period I’ll post a range of quiz questions in the #general channel. You’ll select a certain number of them, copy them to a new document, and answer them. When you’re finished, you’ll DM that document to me. You may use the text or your notes, but you must complete the quiz within 40 mins of when I release the questions. If Wednesday’s time block is not going to work for you, you’ll need to let me know today so that we can arrange a new period of time for you. Not submitting answers to the quiz (or submitting answers that reveal collaboration with other students) will result in a zero.


To help with your planning this week, here is a list of things you need to do this week in the order they are due:

  1. By Monday (today), read through this post and its accompanying links. Sign up for the job you’ll do on CRA4.
  2. On Wednesday, show up on Slack at 9:05am prepared to take the quiz. Submit your answers within 40 mins of my release of the questions.
  3. By Wednesday, reply to the recording link for today’s class indicating that you’ve watched it (it will be posted later today).
  4. By Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, complete your CRA4 work and turn it in on the day it’s due depending on the task you choose.
  5. By Friday, submit your Phase Three document to the #phasedwriting channel.

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