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Week Five | ENGL 1102

We will hold our second quiz on Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers this morning at the start of class.

Our CRA for this week is “Educating People About Their Rights, One Mural At A Time” by Emily Raboteau (CRA4). Please sign up for your CRA task by the end of today on Slack.

We will discuss some of the previous readings in today’s class. However, the bulk of the class period will be oriented toward understanding the Phased Writing process introduced last week. I will discuss the results of the Phase One writing activity I asked everyone to complete last week with those on our call, and I will describe how one example of Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three writing will be used in the reflective portfolio assignment at the end of the semester.

The first due dates for major assignments begin next week. Please take a moment to check the due dates that you signed up for at the beginning of the semester to make sure that you are giving yourself enough preparation time for these important assignments.

For students in the first Collaborative Bibliography group, I’ve invited you into a channel in Slack and released the document that you will use to complete your work.

Update: per our conversation on this morning’s calls, students from the 8am and 9:30am classes should watch BOTH class recordings from today (parts 1 and 2). You can find links to them in #importantlinks on Slack.

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