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Week Four | ENGL 1102

Due to the Labor Day holiday earlier this week and the fact that we’ve done a lot of writing on our Phase One and Phase Two activities the last two weeks, we’re going to have a lighter week this week — no reading or CRA is due this week.

This week in class we will have a conversation about different kinds of sources, and I’ll present some guidelines for the three categories of sources that are acceptable for use on major assignments and the remainder of our CRAs — academic, journalistic, and a third category that I’ll call “other.” Whether you attend our virtual class or watch the recording, I advise you to take close notes on these guidelines and ask questions about any of the information that may be unclear.

Here are your activities this week:

  1. Last week I introduced the online textbook Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. I explained that we would be taking a quiz on sections I-IV of that book (minus the sections titled “Activity”). I’m going to postpone that quiz until next Wednesday, 9/16, during our regular class time (9.05am-9.55am) to give everyone ample time to read and prepare.
  2. I’m very interested in how the class is going for everyone at this point. I’ve put together a survey to learn how the class is working for you. Click this link to take the 10-question survey, and please complete it by the end of the day Wednesday, 9/9. Your feedback is anonymous and will help me continue to build the best class experience for you.
  3. Continue to reflect on the writing and the research that you’ve done on your Phase One and Phase Two activities. Keep collecting sources for yourself and narrowing your topic. We’ll have an activity next week that will ask you to name a potential topic for your blog cycle assignment.

If you didn’t attend our virtual class session for today, please remember to watch the recording and reply to the correct message in the #collaboratemeetings channel to let me know you’ve seen it. Our next virtual session will be Monday, 9/14.

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