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Week Four | ENGL 1102

Our CRA for this week is Emily Raboteau’s essay “Educating People About Their Rights, One Mural At A Time” (CRA4). I have placed signup messages in the CRA channels in Slack. Because of our cancelled class on Monday, I’m shifting the due dates slightly so that everyone has more time (brainstormers/researchers due Thursdays, analysts due Friday, and curator due Saturday).

Because this week is our fourth CRA, you should be completing your final task of the four CRA tasks. When I grade CRA3 and CRA4 this week, I’ll be assigning credit strictly according to the guidelines communicated through my blog post (here if you need it again) and my comments on everyone’s CRA1 and CRA2 work in Slack. Please be familiar with both when you’re completing CRA4.

In our virtual class today we will discuss Phase Two writing and the concept of writing “from the inside out”. I’ll be leading the students on the call through an activity designed to promote this technique, and I encourage everyone else to try it on their own. It’s a useful strategy for moving from the research-heavy work of Phase One into the organizing and framing work of Phase Two. I originally planned to ask everyone to submit a Phase Two draft (of their Image Argument script or one of their blog posts for the Blog cycle assignment) today, but due to our missed class, I’m extending that deadline to Monday (June 28).

We’ll also have a conversation in today’s classes about making arguments concrete (using proper nouns in the title and thesis) and academic (pronouns, wordiness, and source usage).

By the end of this week, I’ll have our first round of Image Arguments graded and feedback returned. I’ll announce when that’s finished on Slack so that those students know that their ten day window to revise has begun. I’ve published a post on how to complete and submit revisions to major assignments.

We’ll begin Monday’s class next week with a discussion of Phase Three. If you’re attending one of those classes, have your Phase Two draft completed so that you can use it for that class.

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