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Week Four | ENGL 1102

Our reading for this week (CRA4) is “Getting Others Right,” an essay published by Teju Cole in The New York Times Magazine in 2017. I’ve opened signup messages for CRA4 in Slack. Please sign up for your task today. Given that this is our fourth CRA, you should be completing your last of the four tasks for the first time this week.


Whether you are in class today or not, by the end of the day, please complete the following:

  • Take careful note of when your due dates are.
  • Add the following channels in Slack: #ma-bib, #ma-pechakucha, #ma-blogcycle.
  • Find your name in the Pecha Kucha column on the Major Assignments signup sheet, and add the time of your class (8 or 11) and whether you elect to present face-to-face (F2F) or submit a video. Your entry should look something like this: “P Rorabaugh, 8/FTF” or “P Rorabaugh, 11/video”

To complete our schedule for the Major Assignments, I’ve made some changes to the due date schedule. Everyone who had a blog cycle due next week has been moved to the same due date for the pecha kucha assignment instead. Those students should see me today about arranging a new blog cycle due dates for themselves.

Additionally, I am moving the due date of both of the Collaborative Annotated Bibliography groups to Thursday of next week, to give you some additional time. I will be adding those students into a private channel of their own where I will articulate the due dates and a link to the document that the group will use for their project.


Today (6/22) in class we will cover the following topics:

  • the history of “truth” and “persuasion” in the field of rhetoric
  • use and citation of images (for pecha kucha and blog cycle posts)


We will also complete a version of the activity described in my Phase Two post: building paragraphs, arranging note cards, and working on introductions/conclusions.

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