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Week Nine | ENGL 1102

Our CRA this week is on “Weight of James Arthur Baldwin” by Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah (CRA7). Due dates are standard (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). I have posted signup messages in Slack, so please grab your job today.

In today’s classes I will be leading 1) a lesson on editing for sentence style and completion in the 8am class and 2) a discussion on how to choose images for your image argument in the 9:30am class. We will also talk in both classes about ongoing major assignments. I ask that everyone in both classes watch both videos. The links will be posted to Slack by 12.30pm.

This week I will be completing grading and feedback on all major assignments submitted up to this point. Because I have not returned those yet to students, no one’s 10-day revision clock has started. Next week’s class will be focused on revision. By next week, I will have begun the revision clock for all currently submitted assignments, and I’ll be using next week’s class period to showcase several assignments that have been submitted that are strong models.

I hope your Spring Break was restorative; welcome back. Let’s set our sights on completing the semester successfully, with creative and academic energy. Have a great week and reach out if you need to talk to me.

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