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Week One | ENGL 1102

During our first meeting we will begin by discussing the material outlined in the syllabus, in my Welcome post, and finally in this post. You’ll receive one of these “Week X” posts every week to outline the work that we will be doing for class.

After covering many of the “systems” of the course, we’ll begin with Jesmyn Ward’s essay “Cracking the Code” in The New Yorker. After everyone’s had time to read and take notes on the essay, we’ll discuss how to complete this week’s Class Reading Activity (CRA1) on the reading. Due dates for this first CRA will be today (6/1) for brainstormers and researchers, Thursday (6/2) for analysis, or Friday (6/3) for curators.

To be ready for next week’s class please read the following by Monday, June 7:

Next Monday’s class (6/6) will require everyone’s attendance, as we will be signing up for the the major assignment due dates.

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