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Week One: Welcome to ENGL 1102, Summer 2024

I look forward to meeting and working with everyone this summer!

Here are some links that you’ll need for our first day of class:

Our syllabus
Blog post: Class Reading Activities (CRAs)
Blog post: Phase One Writing
Online textbook: Reading Rhetorical Theory by Hallsby (today: Chapter One)
Online textbook: Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers by Caulfield (today: Chapter One)
AJC article: “About the General Assembly: What do legislators do, how does it work” by Salzer
AJC resource: “Georgia bill tracker 2024” by AJC staff

Today in class we will complete an introduction activity, break for some readings, and discuss preparation for our classes next week.

To complete our work this week:

  • Complete all of the readings above.
  • Be ready for picking major assignment due dates in class on Tuesday.
  • Complete draft answers for brainstormer and researcher jobs for Hallsby reading for class discussion.
  • Look for Week Two post announcement on D2L by Sunday.
  • Questions? Use the Help forum on our D2L page or email me. Reminder: Do not use the D2L email feature.

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