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Week Seven

As explained in class yesterday, I’m suspending CRAs for this week so that we can focus on the major assignment work. Given that we only have five scheduled classes remaining, I won’t be assigning any more CRAs, but if you would like to see those readings yourself to assist with your research, you can find them here.

In class yesterday we discussed the editing processes involved in Phase Three. I would like everyone to complete a Phase Three document (described in the post linked above) derived from your editing work on a Phase Two (full rough draft) of either your Pecha Kucha script or one of your Blog Cycle posts. Please be ready to submit that document by the time we start class tomorrow (Wed, 7/13).

I have released collaborative bibliography links for everyone in the remaining groups (Groups Four, Five, and Six) and adjusted those deadlines for completion next week. Keep in mind that this project has three deadlines (citations, annotations, and final), so be sure to check your document in the #collabbib-links channel and open see and confirm that you understand the deadlines (first one is this Friday).

We will spend tomorrow’s class looking at Pecha Kucha and blog cycle examples, talking about organizational patterns for your blog cycle posts, and discussing editing practices.

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