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Week Six | ENGL 1102

We will put our CRA schedule on pause this week to focus our discussions on the process of Phased Writing.

In Week Four I introduced a writing process that focused on phases: Phase One for ideas, Phase Two for organization, and Phase Three for mechanics. On today’s call first call (with 8am students), I will discuss how to complete a Phase Two and a Phase Three document. At this point, descriptions of all three phases are available to the class:

To clarify, the phased writing process I’m describing is useful for the composition of your major assignments this semester (namely the blog cycle and image argument, less so the collaborative bibliography). I’ll talk today about how phased writing is applicable to the blog cycle (in two ways) and to the image argument.

This week everyone should focus on taking an idea through all of these processes. This will be the only week of the semester where our regular reading/discussion work will be paused specifically to focus only on the development of the major assignments.

Some additional announcements/reminders:

  • Because we covered the differences between three different kinds of sources in one of last week’s videos (everyone was supposed to watch both), your major assignments should include at least as many academic sources as journalistic or “other” sources.
  • Collaborative Bibliography group #2 begins its work this week. I will be reaching out to that group on Slack today with instructions and the link to the document to complete your work. I’ll amend due dates slightly so that you have a full week to work on the project.
  • You should complete this week having composed phase one, phase two, and phase three documents related to one of your major assignments this week and save those documents for submission at the end of the semester.

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