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Week Three | ENGL 1102

Please start today’s class by reading the new post “Weekly Workflow”. I’ll start class by asking everyone to read that and answering questions about the grades I input last week.

In today’s class we will talk through how Phase One went, and we’ll look at some examples of Phase One documents that were submitted to discuss valuable ideas in them. I will describe the difference between three different categories of sources (academic, journalistic, and “other”) that are valid and useful for your work in this class. If we have time to transition into a discussion of Phase Two writing, we’ll do that. If we don’t, I’ll make a separate video about the Phase Two process.

Read my post on “Phase Two”. Complete a Phase Two document (800-1000 words) as an extension of your Phase One; upload it to the #phasewriting channel by Friday. Per our discussion from class or the video I will post, it should be a completely new document than your Phase One with no direct language borrowed, though it can and should borrow citations and quotes from sources you’ve referenced in Phase One. When you post it, include in Slack message generally what you’re writing about, if you have a thesis, and whether you’re writing for a specific assignment or defining a theme for your work.

Our CRA for this week is “Educating People About Their Rights, One Mural At A Time” by Emily Raboteau. Signup posts for CRA tasks have been published in the CRA channel.

Next week we’ll be taking a quiz on the book Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers by Mike Caulfield, sections I-IV. Please get a head start on that reading this week.

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