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Week Three | ENGL 1102

Our CRA for this week is the podcast episode “The Culture Inside” (CRA3) by the series Invisibilia. I’ve published CRA signup messages for this “reading”. The podcast is just under an hour. When you are writing about the podcast, be sure to cite names and comments precisely.

Web Literacy Quiz
During today’s class, we will begin with the quiz mentioned last week. You don’t need to be on the Zoom call to take the quiz — I will post the quiz instructions on how to take it in the #general channel in Slack. However, you can, if you’d like, jump on this morning’s Zoom call as you’re starting the quiz in case you have questions (here is the link to the Zoom call).

Also, read sections III and IV of Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers this week. We will have a second and final quiz on the text next Tuesday.

Today’s Class Discussion
After the quiz, we will discuss the differences between the argumentation styles of Jesmyn Ward and Carol Anderson, which will lead us into a larger exploration of rhetoric. I’ll wrap up this portion of class with some helpful tips on how to address the Invisibilia podcast this week in terms of its argumentation style.

Thursday Meeting
I have invited students who have signed up for the first major assignment due date to join me on a small group call this Thursday, Jan. 28. If that’s you, look for my message to you in the new #thursdays channel; you should get an invite or an alert since I mentioned you in my message there.

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