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Week Three | ENGL 1102

Our reading for this week (CRA3) is a podcast episode: “The Culture Inside” by Invisibilia. I have placed signup messages in Slack for the four CRA jobs. Please sign up for your intended job by the end of the day today. Be sure to attend carefully to my comments in today’s classes on CRA work and read the comments I’ve put on CRA1 and CRA2 messages before you complete CRA3 work this week. Be sure that you’re signing up for a CRA job that you have not completed yet.

During today’s (Monday’s) 8am and 11am classes, we’ll have a series of different discussions and topics that I want everyone to digest for the week. Because of that, I’m asking everyone to attend or watch the recordings for both classes. Monday’s classes will serve as both “lecture” classes for the week, and the Wednesday virtual classes will be unrecorded meetings where we work on Phase Two writing strategies for those who attend.

In today’s classes we will discuss:

  1. My comments on CRA1 and CRA2
  2. The transition from Phase One to Phase Two writing
  3. The academic discipline of rhetoric and how it can help focus our writing
  4. Sources and how to categorize them for this class (journalistic, academic, and “other”)
  5. Analysis vs. summary
  6. The unique challenge of this week’s reading (“The Culture Inside”)
  7. The Image Argument major assignment

I’ll finish grading last week’s quizzes by Wednesday. Additionally, I’ll be entering a number of Process grades. Some of these (CRA work, quizzes) can’t be made up as late work; however, other grades I’ll be entering (signing the syllabus, joining Slack, signing up for virtual classes and major assignment due dates) can be. If you have neglected something on that list, fix it, and let me know via DM to enter a new grade.

Major Assignment due dates begin next week, with the first batch of Image Arguments being due on Monday and Wednesday. Currently several students have not signed up for due dates, and the only due dates available for the Blog Cycle assignment are the earliest ones. If you have not signed up for your major assignment due dates, do that today and be sure that you’re ready to turn them in on time. The links to those signup sheets are in the #importantlinks channel on Slack.

Update after publishing: Please join the new channel #phasedwritingdrafts in Slack and submit your Phase One (discussed last week) to the channel by the end of the day today (Monday, June 14).

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