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Week Three | ENGL 1102

Given that we had to miss Wednesday’s class (6/8), I’m wrapping an additional reading assignment into this week’s reading to catch up. If you want to get started on any of this work this weekend, feel free, but it should be do-able over the course of next week as well.

Phased Writing Activity

Begin by reading my blog posts on phased writing:

Complete the activity listed in the Phase One (1000 words), and publish it to the #phasedwriting channel in Slack by Friday, 6/17. To add that channel into Slack, hover over the word “channels”, click the + button, click “browse channels”, and join #phasedwriting.

CRA3: Invisibilia Episode

Our “reading” for next week (CRA3) will be a podcast episode from the series Invisibilia titled “The Culture Inside”. Use that link to listen to the podcast. I will publish signup posts for CRA3 in Slack on Monday, so hold off on signing up for your task until then.

Monday’s class

We’ll begin class with a quiz on sections I-IV of the webtext I introduced in Week One: Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers by Mike Caulfield. Be sure that you’re ready for that, and bring paper and a writing utensil to class. I’ll allow you to use notes that you’ve taken during your reading, but not the webtext itself.

We’ll discuss my comments on CRAs 1 and 2, with some final reminders about how to complete CRA work in the most thorough way.

During the break you’ll have time to read/review the phased writing posts linked above; we’ll conclude class with some practice in Phase One writing. I will expect that everyone has been researching and planning for their major assignments, and I will be asking you to contribute those ideas to this discussion.

Wednesday’s class

We’ll begin class talking about sources; I’ll be giving instruction on the three different kinds of sources that are appropriate for using in your work this semester.

I’ll be covering some final CRA guidance.

During an extended break, I will invite the class to collect sources, work on their Phase One (due Friday), and revise any CRAs completed so far. I will be asking individual students to demonstrate their work on one of these three activities.

After we return from the break we’ll have a discussion about nuance in our discussion of race in class. I’ll be encouraging everyone to break binaries in an effort to build useful analysis.

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