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Week Two


  1. Our reading for this week is Carol Anderson’s essay “Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress” in the Washington Post in 2014. Sign up for your job for CRA2 by the end of the day today.
  2. I’ll be completing feedback on CRA1 by the end of the day tomorrow. Please don’t post your work for CRA2 until you’ve seen those comments and revised your work from CRA1.
  3. We will have a quiz on the Web Literacy textbook at the start of class on Wednesday.
  4. I’ve posted the signup spreadsheets for Major Assignment due dates (3 due dates) and for virtual class attendance (3 classes) in #importantlinks on Slack. Please complete both of these by the end of the day today. Please be mark those dates and be sure you are prepared for them. Being camera and audio ready is my expectation for attendance at virtual class days.

Today in class, we will discuss:

Major assignment topics. Be sure that your familiar with the blog post on our Major Assignments and the guidelines for those assignments. We’ll discuss the criteria for choosing a topic today, and I’ll ask you to complete a related writing assignment by this Wednesday. Skim/review the potential readings for this semester while choosing your topic to insure that your topic is influenced by the theme of the class.

Phased writing. Please read the course blog posts on Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three writing, and complete a Phase One document on the topic for your major assignments by Monday. In our first small group virtual class on Wednesday we’ll be talking about that Phase One activity.

Sources. I’ll spend time on today and Wednesday covering the three different kinds of sources that are relevant for this course.

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