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Week Two | ENGL 1102

Our CRA for this week is on an opinion piece from The Washington Post by Carol Anderson, “Ferguson isn’t about black rage” (2014). Pay close attention to how Anderson builds her argument, and how her tactics differ from last week’s essay from Ward. I have published CRA signup posts; please sign up for your task today.

Today in class we’ll discuss:

  • CRA performance — great job everyone; be sure to read replies in the channel where you’re working this week.
  • Themes, topics, and thesis statements for major assignments — and six criteria for major assignment ideas (be sure you’re becoming familiar with the Major Assignment document that the syllabus links to)
  • Phased writing, beginning with Phase One

Be sure to sign in as present IF you attend today’s live class in the #collaboratemeetings channel. When you watch/listen to the recording I’ll add later to Slack, be sure to indicate with a reply to the recording message by Tuesday.

For this week, please compose a 1000 word Phase One document on either 1) a theme you might want to use for your major assignments this semester or 2) a topic for your first major assignment. Upload your Phase One to the #phasewriting channel by Friday. Be sure to have watched/listened to our discussion on Phase One from class this week and read the Phase One post from last week’s class.

By the end of the day today (Monday, 8/24), I’ll be entering process grades in D2L for signing the syllabus, joining Slack, posting an introduction, and CRA1.

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