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Week Two | ENGL 1102

Our reading for the CRA this week (CRA2) is Carol Anderson’s op-ed “Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s about white rage against progress” in The Washington Post (2014).

In today’s class session we will discuss:

I’ll respond to the work of the class in our CRA work last week on Jesmyn Ward’s “Cracking the Code” and ask attendees of the online class to take notes on the discussion that will be shared in Slack. I will not ask the class to go back and amend/correct replies from CRA1, but future responses will need to meet the expectations that I establish during this discussion.

Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers
Please begin reading this online text by Mike Caulfield, and cover Part I (“Four Moves and a Habit” and Part II (“Look for Previous Work”). We will have a quiz on this reading next Tuesday, Jan. 26, at the start of class (if you cannot complete the quiz on Slack at the start of classtime next week, let me know by tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 20, so I can arrange for you to take it at a different time).

Major Assignments
We’ll talk about the right way to prepare for the major assignments during the first weeks of class, with the goal being developing a research path for yourself that connects to your interests and/or your major. We’ll also review the six part topic criteria.

Rhetoric and truth
I’ll start discussing Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and truth. Most of the ideas that begin an academic discussion of rhetoric come from Aristotle’s On Rhetoric (if you’d like to take a look). In our current particular moment in history, it’s become crucial for argument builders and argument audiences to approach rhetorical work carefully.

Don’t forget to log into Slack next Tuesday during class time to take our quiz (that’s where I will share it). Feel free to open our video call as well if you want to be able to ask questions while you’re taking the quiz, but that isn’t required. The quiz will take 10-15 mins, and then regular class will begin.

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