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Week Two Grading

I’ve entered grades from the first two weeks of class so far, and wanted to explain how that works and which ones can still be amended.

The following grades are easily, quickly corrected if you did not receive credit for them: joining Slack, signing the syllabus, signing up for collaborate sessions, and signing up for major assignment due dates. Once you’ve completed that task, send me a DM and I’ll fix the grade. When you’re looking at he major assignment due dates, be sure you’ve signed up for EXACTLY the correct number of them (exactly 3 for ENGL 1102 students; exactly 2 for ENGL 2145 and 3230 students).

In the case of signing up for major assignment due dates, this is a crucial task for understanding expectations in the course. I’ll be locking down the signup sheet for that by tomorrow, so please complete that task today if you have not.

The following grades are locked, so if you did not receive credit for this grade just be sure you’re staying on top of that task in the future: signing up for CRA1, completing CRA1, signing up for CRA2. If you have received a 2.5/5 for a CRA, it’s because the CRA was incomplete. If you have received 4/5 for the CRA, it’s because I attached feedback to your work and you did not return to revise it. Both of these situations can be fixed; send me a DM if/when you complete them.

If you have lost credit on several of these remember: the Process grade category will be full of grades by the end of the semester, so you’ll have an opportunity to get that grade back up without a problem; BUT, if you’ve missed several of those in the first two weeks, you’ll need to start making a regular practice of attending to the weekly blog posts and completing things on time (CRA signups on Monday, completing CRAs by their due dates, attending to other tasks I announce on the blog posts).

One more thing: it sometimes happens I incorrectly enter these smaller grades because I’m moving quickly. If I’ve incorrectly entered a grade for you, PLEASE let me know. I’m glad to correct mistakes quickly or give feedback on why the grade was entered, if it’s correct.

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