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Weekly Workflow

This post applies to each of my classes this semester — ENGL 1102, ENGL 2145, and ENGL 3230 — with some adaptations for individual classes.

At the beginning of the week (usually Monday morning), I will publish a post for your class titled “Week ________.” I will share the link to the post in the #general channel and Slack and include “@everone” in the message so that all students get a notification. It will be helpful if you attach a reaction/emoji to that message in Slack so that I know people are seeing the post (though “reactions” are not graded).

That weekly post will include include reading(s) for the week and identify which one we’ll be using for the CRA. When the post is published, there will also be signup posts in each of the CRA channels for people to claim their task in the CRA for the week (remember to use the “reply” feature when you sign up). Sign up for you task by the end of the day on Monday.

During our Monday Collaborate session, I’ll ask all attendees to reply to a message in the #collaboratemeetings channel to signify their attendance. By 2pm I will post another message in #collaboratemeetings channel with a link to the recording meeting. Every student not in the virtual meeting should sign that second message that they have watched the recording by Wednesday.

If we are having a CRA for the week, those due dates will be Wednesday (for brainstormers and researchers), Thursday (for analysts), or Friday (for curators). Analysts and curators, please do not post your work early; you need to wait until you’ve seen all of the work by the first two groups to consider including them in your own work.

My office hours are Tuesday from 9am-11am. You can reach out to me via DM or use the #help channel to ask questions, and I’m glad to arrange a phone call with anyone who asks for it during that time.

If you are in a small working on a collaborative project, your group will be scheduled to meet with me on Wednesday during class time. I will remind everyone scheduled for a Wednesday meeting via a group DM.

Sometimes I will add to the weekly blog post with instructions for the class. If I do this, it will usually be on Wednesday morning, and I will announce that I have added new material to the weekly post (sometimes with a new activity or reading reminder) in the #general channel on Slack.

Considering all of that, your workflow for the week should look something like this:

  • Monday: Read the weekly blog post for the meeting and signup for your CRA task
  • Monday: If you are are scheduled to attend the Collaborate session, attend and mark yourself “present”.
  • Tuesday: Remember that I have office hours from 9am-11am.
  • Wednesday: If you did not attend the Collaborate session, watch the recording of Monday’s class and let me know that you’ve completed it by replying to the appropriate message in #collaboratemeetings (this counts as “attendance”).
  • Wednesday: If you’re part of a smaller group meeting with me, attend that meeting with me during class time.
  • Wednesday: If I have additions to the weekly blog post, they will be updated and announced by Wednesday.
  • Wednesday: If you’re a brainstormer or researcher, complete your work.
  • Thursday: If you’re an analyst, complete your work.
  • Friday: If you’re a curator, complete your work.
  • Friday: If there are additional activities for you to complete beyond the CRA, they will usually be due on Friday. Keep an eye out for this on the weekly blog posts.

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