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ENGL 2130 | Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Compose an annotated bibliography of 15 sources on a topic related to both of the novels that we’ve read (Beloved and Tracks) or on one focused trend in the scholarship of one of the novels.

At least ten of your sources should be academic (authored by a scholar, published in an academic journal, making an academic argument, at least 7 pages in length, and including a bibliography); the remaining sources should maintain a high standard of credibility and originating from journalistic or non-profit media.

Annotations should be 100-150 words and should summarize the source, quote from it, and explain the relevance of the source to your overarching topic. Citations should be formatted using MLA. Upon completion, the annotated bibliography assignment should include an introductory paragraph defining your topic and your ideas for further research in that area that would be helpful for the research proposal students at the end of the semester.

Due: Mon, 3/14, to the #annotatedbibliography channel on Slack

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