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ENGL 2130 Week Nine

Update: CRA5 signup posts are up on Discord. CRA5 will occur on its regular days the week that we get back from Spring Break (Week Nine). It will cover Ellison chapters 9-18. Due to a fantastic act of strategic magic during class today (congratulations to all of you), there is no CRA due this week or over Spring Break. (The teacher grumbles, the class erupts in joy.)

Please choose your task for CRA5 (Invisible Man, Chs. 9-18) in one of the channels.

I’ll spend some time in class today talking about some foundational thinkers in African American studies — Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois — whose work is referenced is heavily in Invisible Man.

Next week is Spring Break. Enjoy yourselves, get good rest, and come back healthy.

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