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ENGL 2130 | Week Five

On Monday our Morrison presentation group will be describing its work to us. After that we’ll discuss their questions, and I’ll lead everyone through a quick reminder tutorial on using the KSU library resources for literary research.

Before class on Wednesday, please read “On White Theology … and other Lies: Redemptive Communal Narrative in Toni Morrison’s Beloved” by John J. Allen (available in #importantlinks in Slack). I will expect everyone who is not a part of the Morrison group to come to class with a question, a comment, and a connection related to Allen’s article.

We will not have a CRA this week.

Next week we will begin discussing Tracks by Louise Erdrich. Please follow the reading schedule below:

  • By Monday, 2/14, read through Chapter 2 (my page 31).
  • By Wednesday, 2/16 read through the end of Chapter 4 (my page 95).
  • By Wednesday, 2/23, read through the end of Chapter 6 (my page 164)
  • By Monday, 2/26, complete the novel.

We will not meet as a class on Monday, 2/28, as I will be out of town. I’ll have a hybrid activity for students to submit on that day.

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