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ENGL 2130 | Week Seven

On Monday of this week we discussed ways to compare and contrast the two novels that we’ve been reading so far and compiled a list of terms that relate to both, including: post colonial theory, hegemony, historiography, perspective, “rational” thought v. supernatural experiences, and trauma.

We examined the passage of Tracks in which Pauline experiences visions from God that relate to race, power, and history.

I’ve opened our CRA5 posts on Slack that cover our reading through Ch. 6 of Tracks. Please sign up for your task and complete it according to our standard due dates.

In class today we will talk in more detail about the annotated bibliography assignment. I’ve posted the guidelines for that assignment here.

We will not be meeting as a class on Mon, 2/28. Come to class on Wed, 3/2, having finished the novel and prepared to attend to the group presentation from the Tracks discussion team.

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