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ENGL 2130 Week Six

I’ll make some brief CRA related announcements/reminders at the start of class.

Our reading activities this week are to complete Chapter Five by today (2/12) and Chapters Six and Seven by Wed. (2/14) in Tracks. CRA4 (on Chapters 5-7) begins today. I’ve posted signups in Discord.

I’ll be meeting with the Erdrich presentation group at the end of class on Wed. (2/14). Please have roles and potential topics decided by then.

Activities for the coming weeks:

  • Week Seven (CRA5): Chapters 8 and 9 by Mon (2/19) and group presentation on Wed (2/21)
  • Week Eight: Erdrich article on Mon (2/26) and Midterm/Annotated Bib on Wed (2/28)

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