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ENGL 2130 | Week Six

This week we’ll be talking in detail about Erdrich’s Tracks. CRA4 will cover Erdrich up through the end of Chapter 4. I’ve published the CRA4 signup posts, so please indicate your task today. Since this is our fourth CRA, you should be completing the last of your four tasks in this activity.

Reading timeline for Tracks:

  • By Wednesday, 2/16 read through the end of Chapter 4 (my page 95).
  • By Wednesday, 2/23, read through the end of Chapter 6 (my page 164)
  • By Monday, 2/26, complete the novel

Additionally today I will discuss the 15-source annotated bibliography and midterm structure. The annotated bibliography will be due Mon, 3/14, and the midterm will given in class on Mon, 3/14.

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