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ENGL 2130 Week Three

Intro items

Feedback on CRA1, index cards, Discord suggestions/requests (emojis, channels, @’ing me, DMs, and pronouns if they are important to you), and syllabus statement on “where to begin” when talking about literature.


Your CRA2 roles are open for this week. They cover your reading assignment for this week: Morrison, Chs. 9-18 (until the end of Part I). Sign up for your role by the end of the day today.

On Wednesday, we will discuss the reading assignment. In-class participants should come with clear observations and questions.

Finish the book by next Wednesday, Jan 31. Be roughly halfway through that reading by Monday, Jan 29.

Assignments workshop

We’ll talk our way through these documents today.

Group Presentation guidelines
If you are signed up for one of the Morrison presentation groups, introduce yourself to your group in the appropriate channel on Discord, choose your Project Manager, and set up your first meeting soon. Representatives from your group need to be ready with information and questions at an in-class meeting with me next Monday, Jan. 29.

Annotated Bibliography guidelines

Research Proposal guidelines

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