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ENGL 2130 Week Two

I have created signup sheets for the group presentations and the research/exam choices. Whether you are in class or not today, please put yourself once on the following two spreadsheets:

ENGL 2130 Group Presentation Schedule
ENGL 2130 Research/Exam Schedule

I’ll begin class with a quick run through of questions about CRAs, index cards, and some Discord suggestions/requests (emojis, channels, @’ing me, and DMs).

Primarily today we will discuss our first section of Morrison’s Beloved (chapters 1-8).

In our next class meeting (Mon, Jan 22) I will hold a workshop on the group presentation, research, and exam assignments that will happen over the course of the semester. Before class, I will share assignment descriptions that we will be looking over in class.

Our reading assignment in Beloved for next Wed, Jan 24, is to complete through Chapter 18.

On Mon, Jan 22, I will also be opening task signups for CRA2 which will be due next week (Wed, Thurs, or Fri depending on the task you choose).

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