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ENGL 2130 | Week Two

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and MLK holiday.

As we discussed in class last week, please read the first 50 pages of Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved before class on Wednesday. Be ready for a quiz at the start of class; please be on time as I will not repeat questions.

I’ve opened channels in Slack for our CRA work (#cra-brainstorm, #cra-research, #cra-analysis, and #cra-curate) and posted signup messages for each of those tasks for this week on the Morrison reading. Please join those channels, select one of those tasks, and sign up for it in a reply to the message at the top of the channel before class on tomorrow. Brainstorm and research work will be due Wednesday (1/19), analysis work will be due Thursday (1/20), and curation work will be due Friday (1/21).

Be sure to re-read the post on how to complete CRA work before you submit your work to make sure it follows the guidelines. Remember to submit your work on time (by 11.59pm on the due date), to read everything posted before you to avoid redundancies, and make sure that you’ve read all CRA messages before class on Monday (1/24).

I’ve created separate private channels for all of the presentation teams for our four novels. Be sure to join that channel and indicate to everyone that you’re in the channel with a short message to the group indicating why you chose to work on that novel.

I will discuss the presentation group (group-led discussion) expectations next Monday (1/24) in class.

Read to on/around page 140 of Beloved by next Wednesday (1/26). Our activity next week (CRA2) will cover that reading and will be announced in our Week Three post.

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