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ENGL 2130, Welcome to Spring 2024

Welcome to American Literature; I look forward to working with you!

The first thing that you should do is review the syllabus and join our Discord server. We will be using Discord for most of our work and communication.

Before coming to our second class on Wednesday (Jan 10):

  • Complete the introduction assignment in the #introductions channel on Discord (instructions are at the top of the channel).
  • Read the course syllabus (link is above).
  • Read my blog post on the Class Reading Activity (CRA); we will be using this activity throughout the semester.
  • Read the short story “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling” by Ted Chiang (approx. 14/15 pages of reading).

Come to our second class with questions/observations prepared about these readings.

Next Wednesday (Jan 17) students will be signing up for their group presentation and for their choice of research/exam options (all of which I will be describing in class on Monday and Wednesday). Be ready for those decisions. The later someone signs up, the less of a choice they will have.

Wednesday (1/10) update:

We will complete a quick activity designed to familiarize everyone with threads, replies, and emojis in Discord. I will display how the #lobby, #announcements, #help, and #importantdocs channels will work.

I will lead an activity designed to acclimate everyone to CRA work (based on your reading of Ted Chiang’s “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling”). This will start with a CRA timeline and then move into possible CRA responses.

Our reading assignments for Morrison will be:

  • CRA1: Chapters 1-8 (red book pg. 100) completed by Wed, 1/17
    (stop at chapter beginning “It was time to lay it all down.”)
  • CRA2: Chapters 9-18 (redbook pg. 195) completed by Wed, 1/24
    (stop at beginning of Book II)
  • CRA3: Chapters 19-28 (Books II and III) completed by Wed, 1/31

Before the end of the day, please sign up for one of the six tasks for CRA1 using the posts in each of those channels. Be careful to watch the “max allowed” boundary; do not sign up for a task where there are already six students.

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