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Research Proposal Guidelines | ENGL 2130

If you elected to complete this assignment in place of the final exam, compose and submit a 1000-word essay that:

  • demonstrates the value of a longer research argument involving two of the novels (primary sources) read for class;
  • identifies a clear thesis in the final sentence of the first paragraph;
  • involves at least 5 academic secondary sources;
  • follows MLA formatting for in-text citations, works cited section, and document formatting;
  • demonstrates efficient and precise academic style and diction;
  • convinces the reader of the value of making such an argument beyond the discipline of English (answering the “so what” question); and
  • concludes with reflective language on the possible complications or challenges of developing the idea further into a longer research project.

Some of your language can and should be reflective and hypothetical, for example “If I developed this idea into a longer essay, I would concentrate on …” or “The value of this research could provide ..” However, remember that academic style and diction avoid a conversational and wordy tone. Limit first person pronoun use and avoid second person pronoun use entirely.

The intention of this essay is to convince a reader that you’ve completed enough research to know that your idea would work, that you’ve read enough to familiar with the concepts and definitions central to your project, and that you’ve taken an interdisciplinary approach toward inquiry about the texts that you’re studying.

Remember also that sources don’t have to name or be specifically about the novels you’re focusing on in order to help in developing your idea.

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