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Weeks Fourteen & Fifteen | ENGL 2130

I appreciate everyone being flexible for the classes I had to cancel last week, and I apologize for any inconvenience it caused anyone. We’ll be meeting for class tomorrow (Mon, 4/18) and for our remaining four classes (five for those who are taking the final exam). Here is our amended schedule:

Mon, 4/18: We will discuss the first 100 pages of The Road by McCarthy, and I will explain the research proposal assignment for those who have elected to complete that assignment.

Wed, 4/20: We will discuss pgs 100-200 of The Road, and I will spend time preparing everyone who has elected to take the final exam. We will take a quiz on the reading for extra credit. I will introduce a scholarly article for everyone to read over the weekend that will help for those writing research proposals and preparing for the final exam.

Mon, 4/25: We will complete our discussion of The Road, and I will hear from the research proposal students about their thesis statements. We will take a quiz on the reading for extra credit.

Wed, 4/27: Students in the McCarthy group will present their research.

Mon, 5/2: I will not hold class, but will be available virtually to consult with any student who wants it (schedule permitting). Students electing to complete the research proposal assignment will submit those assignments to D2L by 11.59pm.

Wed, 5/4: Final exam will be held in our class room from 9am-10am.

We won’t have CRAs for the remainder of the semester, as the rest of our work will focus on The Road and the final assignments.

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