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ENGL 2145 | Week Six

On Monday we discussed the first half of Haraway’s “A Cyborg Manifesto”. In class on Wednesday, we will discuss the second half. I asked everyone to come to class on Wednesday with three quotes from the second half to discuss.

Please complete CRA4 this week on your reading of Haraway’s essay. Focus your work as much as you can on applying Haraway’s concepts to our contemporary situation with respect to the internet, advancements in robotics, human/computer interaction, and posthumanism.

Haraway’s work is central for us to understand how machine metaphors can be useful for building a theoretical concept. As an example of “critical theory”, Haraway supplies us an avenue into another sub-discipline of the English Department.

Next Mon, 2/21, we will be discussing the film Ex Machina (2014); on Wed, 2/23, we will be discussing two short stories from Rion Amalcar Scott’s collection The World Does Not Require You: “The Electric Joy of Service” and “Mercury in Retrograde”. Presentation groups will be delivering their work on those days and short analysis papers on those texts will be due.

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