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ENGL 2145 | Week Three

This post covers work in class from Mon., 1/24 to Fri., 1/28.

On Monday we’ll discuss Wall-E, the Petersen article, and sub-disciplines within the English Studies. We will also spend time discussing the presentation guidelines that I will have posted in the #importantlinks channel by Monday.

On Wednesday will be focusing our attention on the concept of “posthumanism” as a discourse. For Wednesday’s class, please read the academic blog entry “Critical Posthumanism” by Stefan Herbrechter so that we have a foundation for that discussion. As with all of our reading, take notes on this reading, look up/define unfamiliar terms, and come to class with some questions prepared.

Because we will begin our discussions on Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, begin reading that novel. Complete Chapters 1-4 pages by this Wed., 1/26, and complete CRA2 on that reading. I have opened signup links for CRA2 in Slack (due dates are this Wed., Thurs., and Fri.). Please sign up for your CRA2 task by Mon. and be sure that you complete a different task than you did for CRA1. Below is our projected reading schedule for Dick’s novel:

  • By Wed, 1/26: Chapters 1-4
  • By Wed, 2/2: Chapters 5-13
  • By Mon, 2/7: Chapters 14-22

Before the end of the day on Monday I will have commented on the work of CRA1 using the reply feature in Slack. Please attend to those comments and make any revisions that I’ve requested by Tues. I will grade CRA1 on a completion scale (did it/didn’t do it), but from CRA2 forward I will be grading CRA work based on it’s level of completion (0, 2.5 or 5 out of 5 points) without the opportunity to revise.

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